On Cannonballs and pork 6/28/19

Our first strip came out of an actual incident at a totally hip purveyor of new age food (lotsa kale and gluten free offerings) in, where else, Brooklyn. The motivation for this comic came after a wild night of Karaoke followed next morning by a hike in Prospect Park. One of us (Andy) was hungry and stopped into Brooklyn Larder, the aforementioned hipster foodie place. Seeing nothing that looked vaguely appetizing, his eyes finally lit upon a quiche. He was hoping it was quiche lorraine which contains, gasp, ham and cheese. The counter guy was so steeped in CBB (Contemporary Brooklyn Culture) he misread his customer and assured Andy there was absoutely no ham or cheese involved. John, with his usual laser-like focus turned this into an attack on all things pork and when the counterman finally got what was going on, took the comic into a much better place - a play on the cliche, “Two rules. 1)The customer is always right, and 2) if he’s not, see rule #1. Note, Andy had a properly unhealthy lunch in boring Westchester a bit later.

The next strip is a celebration of the upcoming summer. There is a universal truth about people in their 60’s and beyond (unless you’re a bodybuilder or European underwear model - no offense Melania). We’re all a little self-conscious when it comes to taking our shirts off and hanging out in our bathing suits. This is totally not true in Europe where the celebrated Riviera features sagging bellies and boobs clad in nothing more than tight speedos. But we digress. We decided to have fun with a pool party, That the party is thrown by a ridiculously fit couple who love showing off their bodies, only adds to the discomfort everyone is feeling. With one notable exception, who makes a verrry large entrance.

As Porky Pig used to say in his stutter which would now be poltically incorrect to the max, th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Have a great weekend

The New 60