Our comic, Fireworks and the "Honey Do" list 7/5/19

The more we do these posts, the more time flies. We remember last year’s 4th of July post like it was yesterday. We went digital on May 18th, of 2018 (not far from Andy’s May 15th birthday) but while one of us turned 65 that year, the New 60 was born. Many thanks to all of you who continue to support and follow us. We are currently working on a coffee table book with 100 or so of our favorite comics, annotated by John and Andy. Whenever that happens, rest assured, you will be notified. Keep your credit cards handy. Just a suggestion.

So now that we’re over a year old, we’re on our second Happy 4th of July poster featuring our characters in a unique way. John conceived this all by himself, but Andy has no problem accepting total credit. What, we were in advertising, remember?

The actual comic strip this week is also themed around July 4th. And around the “Honey Do” list. To those who are unfamiliar with the concept, allow us to explain. Honeydews are one of the most delicious types of melon you can eat. They are fabulous. Honey Do’s, not so much. When you are no longer in advertising, (like John and Andy), and your wives ae still working at their full time jobs (like John’s and Andy’s), it makes you a perfect candidate for the Honey Do list. “Honey, do you mind picking up the dry cleaning on the way to your co-working space? Honey, do you mind picking up the groceries? Honey, our friends are staying over for the 4th, so get the beer, the food, fix the grill oh, and maybe some herbs and flowers for the planter, it’s on your way.” And when you are no longer commuting into Manhattan every day, what else can you say but “Yes dear.” Now some of us might mutter under our collective breaths while we are doing said errands, but not John and me (at least not John). Anyway, it is with this insight over this holiday that inspired our strip for the week. But if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read the strip.

Enjoy the fireworks but don’t shoot them off by yourself. As NY Giant fans painfully remember, superstar defensive lineman JPP tried that and ended up blowing off two of his fingers, which didn’t exactly help his contract status (THAT took a dark turn, didn’t it?) So enjoy the long weekend, your friends and family and we’ll be back at you next week with two more misadventures of the New 60.

Andy and John