The New 60 is about what it’s like to be 60, right now.

It’s about playing tennis three times a week even though your knee hurts.

Okay it’s doubles… and one of the guys is 82- but he used to be the Club Champion!

It’s about asking your wife to take a long, romantic walk on the beach because you’re 2187 steps short of your Fitbit goal.

It’s about getting a senior discount at the movies but hoping nobody else notices.

Who’s our target? Well, if you’re in your 60’s, about to be 60, used to be 60, once bowled a 60 or know someone who’s 60 this strip is for you.

Hopefully you’ll read the strip and say, oh yeah, that’s me.  And okay, our other hope is you’ll laugh so hard that free-trade coffee spurts out your nose. And after cleaning up the mess, you send it to all your friends (the comic strip, not the mess…)

So strap in and enjoy the ride as we explore the adventures of the new 60.

Pencil Sketch for "InJured Reserve"

Pencil Sketch for "InJured Reserve"


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Later (but not too much later – Andy’s usually in bed by 11),

Andy Landorf & John Colquhoun

Initial Thumbnail for "Flashlight"

Initial Thumbnail for "Flashlight"