Keeping fit, sort of 6/21/19

Getting to retirement age (voluntarily or involuntarily) is different than it used to be. Our generation refuses to believe it’s getting older. Trust us, we‘re getting older. Thus a proliferation of high end bike trips, hiking trips, excuuuse me, hiking excursions, surfing lessons, parachuting and heliskiing are all the rage these days. It’s like we’re screaming, I’m not getting older! It is within this rage that half of the New 60 team, (Andy) took a hiking trip with his wife Joanie to Mallorca a few months ago. Joanie’s brother, Buzzy, had just turned 70 and wanted to celebrate in this way. The trip was expertly led by Buzzy’s son Michael (who is ridiculously fit) and included 10 people all 65+. We would walk as much as 8-10 miles a day, up mountains and over rocky terrain. The good news was the guilt free eating and drinking that followed. A couple of the group failed to show for dinner a couple of nights, because they were so tired from the hiking. Our first comic imagines what would have happened if they DID show up for dinner. One further note, there is no such thing as “you are free to eat and drink as much as you want afterwards.” One of us managed to log nearly 50 miles walking and managed to gain 4 pounds. Truth.

Our other topic deals with the fun of dating in your 60’s. What happens when it gets serious? Do you really need to get married again? What if she wants you to meet her father? Which means her father is still alive, by the way. We love situations like these, because they are so loaded with things we all think, but are too diplomatic to say. You want me to to meet your father? How old is he? And do you really still need his permission. Like really? So we took a shot at what might happen in this situation with our dedicated single guy, Craig. Think George Constanza, only tall, good looking and a WASP.

That’s all she (even though we’re both guys) wrote for now. Have a terrific weekend and we’ll be back to you next week with two new ones, hot off the press.

The New 60