What were we just saying? Oh yeah, memory. John has taken to going to Trivia Night with his buddies. These guys know an awful lot of stuff. There’s just some stuff they’re a little hazy on. Like Mesopotamia. Past Olympic Decathlon champs. And rap. That’s right, rap. For those of you blog readers who did not know the answer to the quiz, What rapper’s birth name is Chris Wallace, it is none other than the Notorious B.I.G. And that’s the rapper, not the Supreme Court Justice. C’mon, everyone knows that, right? Okay, we didn’t know it, either. So we googled “famous rappers’ birth names.” And that way you thought we were hip and all-knowing. So we’re not. Nonetheless trivia is making a comeback as you have likely noticed. After John talked about Trivia Night, Andy went out for dinner with his wife Joanie to a seafood restaurant where they just happened to be having Trivia Thursday. How did the couple react? They finished their oysters and walked out.

Our next comic (which comes up first on the website) deals with what people talk about at different stages of life. It’s all perspective. Andy remembers learning of his grandpa’s death when he was a 9 year old boy. His parents said, “Grandpa died at 62, such a young man.” And little Andy thought, “Young man? 62? That’s ancient!” Now that he is 66 and John is a spritely 60, that aforementioned passing at age 62 sounds mighty, mighty young. This comic is our attempt to capture that perspective.

Wow, that got morbid all of a sudden. Get over it! This is a comic! We’re supposed to make you laugh. To that end, we’d like to remind you to read the blog, except this is the blog, so you’re actually...forget it.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week with two new comics.

Andy and John