Take me out to the ballgame 10/4/19

This week we thought we’d devote both comics to the National Pastime, baseball. Or at least it used to be the National Pastime (and why does “pastime” have only one “t”?) until football took over. But we digress. We have a character, Sam, who - in addition to being a commercial voice over artist - has a sideline gig as the stadium announcer for the Boulder City Bullets. Bowing to political pressure, the Bullets are changing their name to the Boulders. No big deal, unless you happen to be the mascot, Bobby Bullet, for the better part of three decades. This comes from an actual incident, in which the former Baltimore Bullets of the NBA, moved to DC and got rebranded, The Washington Wizards. Or take the case of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Bernie Brewer. Everytime the Brewers would hit a homer, Bernie would hop on a slide, and when he disappeared from view, foam and bubbles would fly up indicating he landed in a giant keg of beer. No more. Now he just hops on the slide and gets off. We imagined what a mascot might feel like when he or she got “rebranded.”

Next comic up also came from an actual incident. Andy was attending a Mets’ game when the scoreboard lit up with the “Kiss Cam.” For those of you who don’t know what a Kiss Cam is, it’s a camera that finds couples, puts their picture up on the scoreboard, and expects them to kiss. The crowd then roars its approval or disapproval on the passion (or lack thereof) displayed. At the game in question, the people profiled for the Kiss Cam did their jobs and kissed. Except for one couple who did not. The camera came back to them three different times as the boos grew louder. Finally the guy gestured to the girl he was with and mouthed the words “it’s my sister.” We didn’t copy the moment, but added our New 60 twist to it.

That’s the last baseball comic you’ll see from us until next spring. But now it’s on to falling leaves, football, sweaters and eating. See you next week with two new ones.

Andy and John