What's a person to do? 4/5/19

Political correctness. The title of this blog reflects it. We could have said what’s a guy to do, or what’s a gal (see there is no damn equivalent for guy) to do but to be pc, we settled on what’s a person to do. Politically correct but borrrrring.

So let’s see if we have the rules straight. It’s okay to say “people of color” but don’t dare say “colored people.” Or take the word “queer” which is suddenly acceptable. Last week someone actually said Mayor Pete, the former mayor of South Bend Indiana and the first openly gay man to run for President was “not gay enough.” Whatever that means. At any rate, The New 60 takes a crack at this interesting, ever-changing and sometimes maddening topic.

The second comic comes from a certain brother-in-law who was out to dinner with a friend and called one of us to say he and his dinner companion were cracking each other up with all the underwear choices there are out there. Our response…now THAT’S a comic strip. Suddenly it’s okay to talk about your balls. Duluth Trading Company has an announcer with a really deep voice saying stuff like, “It keeps your boys in place.” Or Lululemon has a line of pants that stretch called ABC Pants, and when you look at the label, it actually says the ABC stands for Anti-Ball-Crushing pants. So we tackle this subject head on. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. At any rate, you get the drift. Now go ahead and get the comics. We’ll see you next week with two more new ones.

The New 60