On Blogs and Dogs 3/29/19

So this is a blog, right? And it “lives” on our website, right? But you can also access it from the newsletter, right? So if it isn’t web-based, is it still a blog? ‘Cause, like “blog” stands for web log, but you knew that already, didnt you? And when you think about it, does anyone really care? This week we delve into the world of blogs and get help from an expert. And if you think this explanation is confusing, it’s probably clearer than the one in the comic strip. Unless it isn’t.

Which gets us to grandparenting. Even though neither of us in a grandparent yet (no pressure kids) some of our friends are. And they say, it’s better than parenting because at the end of the weekend, you get to give the little tykes back to their rightful owners. If you’re like either of us, you were much more likely to be strict while raising your own children. And you probably worried about the lasting impact of decisions you made, like “Don’t tell “white lies” in front of the kids,” and “Don’t give them lollipops before dinner,” that kind of earth-shattering stuff. When you’re a grandparent, at least from our observation, uhhh, maybe you’re not quite so strict. Today’s “Dog” comic deals with that insight.

Okay readers, parents and grandparents among you, have a terrific weekend and give the kid a lollipop. Full disclosure, one of us is sucking on an orange DumDum as we speak.

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