On candy and dentists 2/7/19

Here’s a hidden truth: John has a sweet tooth and Andy has an upcoming trip to the dentist. The first strip is a trip to one of those old fashioned candy shoppes. We were talking about them and how some of the skinniest people we know love candy. We do not like those people. It’s not fair… anyway.

The first thing you experience going to a place like that is nostalgic delight at all those candies from your past that you ate without thinking about them. I mean what could be wrong about chewing gum that is packaged like chewing tobacco? Or chocolate cigarettes and cigars? A particular favorite was Lik-a-maid which was simply sugar and food coloring and artificial flavoring inside a straw. You’d rip the top off the straw and pour the flavored sugar on your tongue and then crunch it between your teeth. Umm umm. Where were our moms and dads saying, kids, don’t eat that!? Oh for the days before carb, fat and protein counts.

The second strip deals with a trip to the dentist. Actually the periodontist, which is wayyyy worse. When the office called to schedule an appointment, they mentioned that the aforementioned periodintist had retired. When I mentioned this to John, he said, bingo, a new strip. Yes getting older never ceases to be funny. At least that’s what Michael Douglas said at the Emmy’s.

See you next week.

Andy and John