If you’re anything like us, you might have trouble remembering people’s names. Especially if you only met them once or twice. Or at a big gathering like a cocktail party. Or if they’re out of context, like not in the place where you usually interact with them. Or if they look like a Tony but their name is really Scott. Or if it’s someone your wife knows well but not you. Or if you’re retired so you don’t need to remember names for work anymore. Or if you’re at weddings. Or bar mitzvahs. Or funerals. Or… you’re over 60.

Point is, it doesn't get any easier. And neither of us is an expert at it in the first place. And we’re not powerful enough to have one of those people who follows around Senators and whispers stuff like, “That’s Janie Boyle, she heads the cotton growers union in East Texas, her son Grady just enrolled at Georgetown as a freshman.”

We have to rely on our memories and face, they ain’t what they used to be. So that is the impetus for this week’s comic. For those of you who say, but wait, aren’t there supposed to be 2, we just hope you won’t notice. And if you do, shhh, don’t tell anyone else.

Finally, we DO remember the names of all our loyal and faithful subscribers. And we could recite them but who has the time?

Stay warm and enjoy Super Sunday. We’ll be back with you next week.


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