Back to Work 9/6/18

Well, it's officially after Labor Day.  The football season is about to kick off tonight.  It means back to work for the adults, and back to school for the kids.  But what does it mean to the 60 somethings?  Let me put it to you this way.  I returned from two weeks at the beach with my family and a few friends coming in and out of the beach house.  We returned home Tuesday and my wife had a work conference at a Brooklyn hotel starting the next night.  I went in last night and while my wife was at a work dinner, I met my daughter for dinner in Williamsburg (Brooklyn for those non New Yorkers of you).  After dinner we met her husband for drinks, I raved about the hotel we were staying at.  It even had an outdoor swimming pool and a spectacular outdoor lounge with panoramic views of Manhattan.  I told my son-in-law that it felt like being on vacation.  And he replied, "you must have really needed one."  After all, I had been back home for a full 24 hours.

He could have said, "vacation from what?"  And all of that is true.  I find myself doing things on Monday-Thursday that are too crowded to do on weekends.  And I work whenever.  It is a great life.  And it gives us (John and I) great material for new comics.

Another insight into being in your 60's is this: if people in their 20's and 30's knew what was in the heads of people in their 60's, they'd be surprised.  Very surprised.  Because it isn't very different that what went on in our heads in our 20's and 30's.  Maybe, hopefully, we've developed a lot better perspective but the point remains, it's a jungle in there (our heads).  And to that topic goes this week's comic.  We see Craig at a cocktail party trying to act like a young man. As John likes to say, "Hilarity ensues."

We'll be back next week with one final single comic then it's "back to work" with two per week. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.