Sam Lipisi


Sam is a voice over artist.  That’s how he met Al.  He was the announcer for Al’s long running series of commercials for Crispy’s thin crust pizza.  Al came up with the line: “If God had invented pizza, he woulda called it Crispy’s.”  Sam read the line.  Into a microphone.  And that made him a small fortune, which he parlayed into a condo in the Florida Keys. 

Sam was divorced but recently got remarried to a woman 20 years younger named Shellie, who he met while jogging on the beach “Shellie, like a sea shell, I found her on the beach-get it?” Al and Marv like Shellie but their wives really liked Sam’s first wife- so for them, the jury is still out on “Shellie.”

Sam still rides a bicycle around town to run his errands, which he says gives him “the calves of a much younger man.”  His lifelong dream was to become the play-by-play announcer for a major league baseball team. That dream never came true, but he gets to live out a scaled-down version of his fantasy as the PA announcer for the Boulder Falls Bullets, a local minor league baseball team.  The Bullets have the unenviable distinction of having never had a player go on to play in the Major Leagues.  Not one.  But there’s always next year.

During the baseball season, Sam often rents the room over his garage to a player on the team. This season he rented it to the third-string catcher. Sam thinks the kid has what it takes to one day be the second- string catcher.