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You remember the bad old days when you got bombarded by emails from people wanting your opinion about everything from movies to fashion, to politics? Well if you’re anything like us, you’re getting fewer of those emails. And you know why? Because marketers don’t care. That’s right. They don’t care. They care what young people think because they set the trends. We follow them. And younger people don’t aspire to what we wear or where we go. “Hey, did you hear about that hot new restaurant filled with age 50 and over married couples? I hear it’s got really bright lighting, easy to read menus and carpeting to deaden the sounds. “Let’s go there!” Nope. And now that we are all wearing our shirts untucked, younger people are going one half tucked in, one half tucked out. In fact people follow fashion inspired by prison (no belts, no shoelaces) before they follow something worn by a senior. Well we decided to have some fun with this sad but true fact.

The other comic this week comes from the endless world of news shows. Not news, but news shows. Instead of just reporting facts, these shows tell you why “our side” is right and why the “other side” are corrupt idiots. Sounds fair to us. These shows invariably make you infuriated at the other side whether you listen to MSNBC or FOX. With our second comic, we explored this sensitive but all-encompassing topic.

Thanks again for everyone who weighed in and voted for our three comics last week. We will see you again next Friday with two new strips, hot from the cultural zeitgeist (whatever that is).

Andy & John