The emoji challenge and steel traps 8/16/19

We had two emoji ideas. We ran the last one and now present the current one. The thing with emoji’s is you don’t have to write words, which seemingly takes Andy out of the equation. But you have no idea how easy it is to find things to argue about. “No, the cop can’t write out the speeding ticket, too complicated.” “What the hell does 100 mean? Was he going 100 miles per hour? Or did he get a $100 ticket?” For those of you who have taken the time to try to figure out the emoji puzzle and gone to the blog, you deserve a reward. Here is the emoji plot. Sam gets a new car. Loves it. The guys approve. Sam goes 100 mph. A cop stops him and although Sam pleads with the policeman to let him go, the cop is hearing nothing of the kind. Marv stifles a laugh. And that’s it. Pretty clear, right? At least to us.

The next idea, which actually appears first, comes from an incident where Andy remembered something in detail from his past, amazing his friend. But then he couldn’t remember what he and his friend were talking about in the first place. We are quite sure none of our readers have ever experienced moments like that, right?

On a different note, we will soon be asking you to vote on which past comics are your favorites as we go about compiling the list for our first collection.

Have a nice weekend and we wish you happy short and long term memories. Two new ones next week, before the Labor Day break. Yes, even comic strips take the occasional break. We think.

Andy and John