On starting a new chapter and contemplating the final chapter. 2/22/19

No, don’t worry we’re not getting maudlin on you with that final chapter stuff. Just wanted your attention. We will explain momentarily. But first let’s talk about starting a new chapter. Often our comic characters reflect what is going on in our lives or in the lives of our friends and aquaintences. Just as Al has a harebrained idea for a new business, Pizza on a Stick, John and I have a similarly ridiculous idea. Starting a comic strip. What the hell. Newspapers are dying, most popular comics are many decades old…what could possibly go wrong? But hope springs eternal. In us and of course in Al and the somewhat skeptical Joanne. Not that John or I have skeptical wives, mind you. This is just a comic. Besides, you can’t knock Pizza on a Stick unless you try it first. And the sticks are biodegradable, so there’s that.

Now let’s go on to this bit about the final chapter. It’s really not so maudlin as it sounds. It comes from that box you check on your new license, “Do you want to be an organ donor?” It goes without saying do you want to donate when you’re dead, which accounts for the last chapter reference. Turns out my stepmother was talking to her beau, (I know, I know, when you get to a certain age you say things like “beau” because “boyfriend sounds weird when the boy in question is 90). He just got one of those new, enhanced licences we’ll all have to carry around next year. He made a joke about leaving his eyes when he’s gone, when my stepmother teased him about his cataracts. Bingo, a new comic was born.

That’s the way it goes in comic land. Please don’t be shy about sending us any thing that happens to you that you think would make a funny comic strip. If we pick it, we’ll name you as our inspiration and might even send you a copy of the artwork.

Have a great weekend

The New 60