Hi Guys

Welcome back. As we kick off our second year, we thought about one of our favorite topics. No wise guy, not food, sex. Like love and relationships in general, passion takes on different dimensions the older we get. This idea came to us, shall we say, naturally. Our “Then and Now” format seemed like the perfect way to handle the subject.

The second comic deals with internet gadgets. One thing is that most of them are plain dumb to begin with (not my carbon fiber eyeglass cleaners, mind you, but MOST of them) and the other thing is that many people in their 60’s have downsized to smaller houses or apartments. Which brings us to a second issue, where do you store all the dumb gadgets you bought? We already dealt with that one in a past comic, just pay extra for a storage unit. And the third thing is that the more time you spend at home, the more likely you are to see these ridiculous products and be tempted by them. I mean, who WOULDN’T want a Square Strike Wedge that makes chipping as easy as putting? Who could resist an egg-let that lets you hard boil eggs WITHOUT the shell! (exclamation point is from the manufacturer, not us! Oops, I mean, not us.)

So this weekend, spend less time with infomercials and more time with thenew60 (notice the subtle plug there)?

Have a great weekend

The New 60