WE WANT YOU 7/20/18

We have had a whirlwind week.  In the past couple days we've been on WVOX radio in New Rochelle, Fios 1 in the lower Hudson Valley, featured on Lou Diamond's Thrive Loud podcast, interviewed by Patch magazine and the Daily Voice, Armonk edition.  But enough about us.  Let's talk about you.  What do YOU think of us?  Just kidding.  But on a more serious note we'd like to hear from you.  Did anything funny happen to you or someone you know that you think might be good fodder for the strip?  Send it on in.  You can send it to andy@thenew60.com or john@thenew60.com. And if we choose it we'll give you absolutely no credit.  No that's not true, what we'll do is give you an autographed print of the comic strip that went into developing your idea.  Then you can frame it.  And put it on your wall.  And your life will be complete.  

Now that we are starting to get established we are thinking up ideas to engage you, our fans on social media.  At least those of our fans who know what the hell social media even is.  In the future we might even give you a few endings to pick for one of our upcoming ideas.  The possibilities are endless.  Maybe not endless, but you get the idea.

It's fun watching your baby start to grow up.  And we want you to watch it grow up and help it grow up with us. (The only thing I didn't love was getting up at 5:45 to go to the radio station, that and downloading the special New Rochelle parking app when we went for breakfast afterwards.)  So send in your thoughts and we will get back to you, really.  We love to hear from our readers. It's what we live for.  Well, that and a nice creme brûlée.

See you next week.

Andy and John