FDOSB (First Day Of Summer Blog)

Let me tell you about Wednesday.  And being in my 60's. I played a form of golf known as a scramble with my brother in law, sister in law and nephew.  On an almost empty course on a gorgeous day.  A scramble means everyone in the group hits a shot.  And wherever the best shot lands, everybody hits their second shot from there.  Same with the third and fourth and so on.  It's an interesting format because it makes all the participants into a team. All pulling for each other. It gave everybody a chance to be the hero on different holes.  And it allowed us to shoot perilously close to par the entire day.  I wish the country worked like that.  Everyone pulling together for the common good, but that's another topic for another day.

After that, we celebrated my sister in law's big birthday with her cousin and husband at Blue Hill restaurant at Stone Barns.  This spectacular feast went from 9 pm to almost 1 am. On a Wednesday.  But here's the thing. Those of us at the table who worked, were established enough in their careers to sleep a little later and take a later train the next morning.  Those who weren't working or no longer working in a business not their own (like me) slept a little later and didn't have to tell anyone about it.

And I think that is the beauty of this time in one's life.  Sure, you've got aching bones.  You need thyroid pills and would a little statin be such a bad thing?  But It's a comfort that comes with knowing yourself and accepting your strengths and limitations.  (One of the limitations of being in your 60's apparently is not knowing how to share on social media or websites, but John and I are going to do something about that, by making a video and showing you how to share.) Yeah,  I know your mothers all taught you how to share already but that was a different kind.

So if you're in your 60's or even in your 50's (or even 49 like one of my friends who shall go nameless) or younger like John's and my kids, have a terrific summer and congratulations for making it this far without two hip replacements.  I hope you recognize yourself in these strips (or recognize your parents) and that it brings you some much needed laughter.  And thank you so much for following us.  We really appreciate it.