Our first blog

After over a year’s worth of work with my partner and collaborator, John Colquhoun, we have a comic, The New 60.  And a new website, which you already know because that’s the only way you could be reading this blog.

It's going to be dedicated to musings from John and me that relate to what the strip is about … what it’s like to be in our 60’s in this day and age.

So I could have written about the recent court case, where the parents of a 30 year old young man had to sue him in order to get him to move out of their split level house (true story), but that seemed a bit removed.

Or I could have written about how I stayed up until 1:30 last night watching the Mets actually win a game that was delayed by rain for 3 hours.  The Mets, for crying out loud.  But this is not a sports writing venue (that doesn’t mean I won’t try from time to time).

Nope.  Instead this is going to be about a trip I took to a golf superstore.  Now that I am not working full time, I have a lot more “me time.”  I got fitted for new clubs and the pro suggested I buy clubs with “senior shafts.” It may not sound like much to you if you’re not a golfer, but to me, it was tantamount to the guy saying, “Listen gramps, you’re old, you need a senior shaft. Get over it.”  But on my part, it was an acceptance of aging and even a grappling with mortality.

If you’re a fan of the New 60, you no doubt saw the comic strip we did around that subject, making a sophomoric dick joke, but the point is, the comic hopefully reflects what we all go through during this aging process (that we can sort of cheat with diet, exercise, medicine and botox.)

Life events like the golf store experience are simply idea starters. Then we play with them, add to them, subtract from them and tailor them to (hopefully) make them funny.  In only four frames.  With color. If we’re doing our jobs right, you dear reader, will say “Oh wow, that is so me!”

That’s it for now.  Feels good.  Had to get that first blog published.  Especially so you’ll have something to read when you click that header that says “Blog”.