Having an Act II 12/7/18

Act II. It’s a cliche that means, what are you doing or going to do now that you’re retired, fired, or winding down. John and I had some fun with this awhile ago and wondered what would our characters do with their own second acts. We came up with a franchise idea, Pizza on a Stick. For those of you that didn’t know, John did a whole bunch of Little Caesars Pizza commercials back in the day, and he’s been to more than one convention. I’ve been to a few conventions myself, but they were for soft drinks and beer. Believe us, conventions are filled with comic fodder.

When I was looking for my Act II, I thought about writing a comic strip. I called John and the rest, as they say, is history. Now obviously we’re having a little fun with Al and Joanne’s second act and she’s a little more skeptical than he is. But when you’re in or close to the age range of The New 60, pondering Act II is important. C’mon, you’re thinking about it, right?

Most of us have probably worked for some sort of big corporation or in the case of ad people, worked for several corporations within the same industry. Your time is not exactly your own and while you do get a nice paycheck plus medical, you give a lot of your brain and your free time in return. With NO residuals, I might add. One of my lasting memories is of writing a commercial for Herbal Essences. After literally months and months of back and forth with the client, we sold our idea. Then we cast for the lead actress. When we finally boarded the plane, the actress, who had put in about 2 minutes on the project so far, was seated in first class while I (along with my art director) went back to coach. Because them’s the rules.

When you start your own thing, you make your own rules. Nobody tells you what to do. But while there’s no guarantee of a paycheck, it’s really exciting to watch your own creation start to take off. We are closing in on a year’s worth of comic strips. So for those of you who follow us, and comment on our work, and like us and share our comics, and offer us ideas and inspiration, we want to say a profound thank you. It’s a really cool journey and we couldn’t take it without you.



Andy and John