On being funny after a sad week. 11/02/18

We love doing this comic strip. But sometimes, it’s harder to be funny than others. After a week filled with hate crimes, we had to take a step back, gather our collective breath before forging ahead. In the end, we figured, we can all use a little laugh more than ever right now.

Last week, when John was compiling a list of our greatest hits for submission to a syndicate, he said “Let’s do something around a weekend walk in the woods, we haven’t done that yet.” Maybe it was the crisp autumn air, maybe it was the beautifully colored leaves that inspired him or maybe he was gong for a different look. But when he said it, I told him I’d never go for a long walk during a Giants game and he said, “Bingo, there’s a comic.” I must say however, that when the aforementioned Giants go 1-7, it gets harder and harder to justify staying home.

Our other effort this week revolves around setting your clock back, or forgetting to set your clock back. We try to be topical when appropriate. Remember that comic about forgetting Valentine’s Day we ran on Valentine’s Day? With the marathon coming up as well as Daylight Savings Time, we had our choice of a couple topics. Since neither of us is exactly in marathon running shape, the choice of a subject was easy.

John has a state of the art, solar powered watch that requires no winding, no batteries and no resetting. Which is great, until the watch gets it wrong. Which his watch did. (Don’t tell John I told you this, but he’s been walking around with a watch that’s an hour off for months with no way to fix it). Hopefully Daylight Savings will set that all straight, but maybe not. For full disclosure, my wife and I have driven around with car clocks that needed resetting for ages. “Where is that manual again? Oh sounds complicated. Forget it, I don’t have the time to do this. Maybe Saturday.” Sound familiar? Al tackles this dilemma at the diner.

Have a great weekend everybody and remember to set your clocks back (if you can figure out how). That makes two great things to look forward to (I know, never end your sentence with a preposition, but I just did, so there!) 1) We get an extra hour of sleep and 2) The Giants wont lose (they have the week off — maybe I’ll take that walk after all).

Andy & John